Radio & TV Interviews

Radio & TV Interviews

Jefferson Public Radio (NPR Affiliate in Southern Oregon): U.S.-Saudi relations and the Iran deal, 8/1/2017:

Scott Horton Radio Show: The House’s surprising decision to defund the US war in Yemen , 7/19/2017:

Background Briefing With Ian Masters: The House Vote Blocking US Participation in the Saudi War on Yemen, 7/17/2017:

Background Briefing With Ian Masters: Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, 5/22/2017:

CCTV: Middle East policy expert Kate Gould on Syria, 3/15/16:

Thom Hartmann: Key Iraq City Falls to ISIS – What Now?, 5/19/2015:

The O’Reilly Factor: Do pacifist religious leaders have a solution for dealing with ISIS?, 2/19/15:

The Big Picture RT: Iran – Avoiding another war in the middle east, 1/21/15: The Real News Network: How Will a GOP-Controlled Senate Affect US-Iran Negotiations?, 10/31/2014:

CCTV America: Can the coalition against IS gain support in the Middle East?, 9/11/2014:

CCTV America: Middle East policy expert on the latest cease-fire in Gaza, 8/10/2014:

Background Briefing With Ian Masters: Lobbying for Israel-Palestine Peace on Capitol Hill, 7/30/2014:

CCTV America: Cease-fire elusive in Gaza after six days of ground offensive, 7/23/2014:

RT: Jihadist Groups Accused of Torture in Syria, 12/19/13:

Free Speech Radio News: Peace groups call for non-violent action in Syria as UN team reaches site of alleged chemical weapons attack, 08/26/2013

Background Briefing With Ian Masters: A Peace Lobbyist on Ending the War in Syria, 9/18/2013

Background Briefing With Ian Masters: Senators Try to Stop Talks, 4/11/13

Public Radio Exchange: Kate Gould, Iran in the Crosshairs, 4/19/13:

Antiwar Radio/The Scott Horton Show: End of Brown Rice Diplomacy with Iran?, 12/11/11:

Antiwar Radio/The Scott Horton Show: Nuclear Path Against Iran’s Economy Paves Way for War, 11/20/11:

Political Context: Kate Gould on Preventing War with Iran, 8/15/12:

Voices of the Middle East, KBOO Portland Radio: Interview with Kate Gould, FCNL on Iran, 6/8/12:

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